A Sample Problem — — Train to be an Interview Problem Solver (1)

Recently I’ve started interviewing for different companies, and for a software engineer role, there would definitely be rounds for technical interviews (well, also known as whiteboard coding interview, notoriously). In this kind of interview, you’ll have to…

I’ve switched to use C++ as primary programming language to practice algorithm problems for a while. The language still evolves these days as new standard C++14 and C++17 coming out. There’s a lot of new features and useful tools make C++11 more modern and looks like a new language compared…



其實距離聽到生成式對抗網路(翻成中文雖然感覺很潮但真的拗口,以下簡稱GAN,Generative Adversarial Network)這個名詞也好一陣子了:第一次看到這個字是去年G社發的一篇論文;內容大致上是在說他們利用GAN這一種機器學習的方法讓計算機領域最著名的兩個人物Alice和Bob在一連串加解密的過程中發展出自己的加密 …

Yi-Hsiang Kao

CS@NYU 沒事多寫字,多寫字沒事

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